NEXT ECME CONCERT – 28th November 2015

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Next concert

Date: Saturday 28th November 2015 – Reid Concert Hall
Time: 7.30pm


ECME is the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble,  it was founded in 2006 by Jacob Spence, Alfredo Caponnetto and Shiori Usui and has performed many orchestral works by composers at the threshold of their careers. The orchestra is assembled for each concert with a mixture of both established and younger performers.  The result is a world class orchestra who understand the importance of contemporary music.

So why is the performance of contemporary music so important? The dictionary describes contemporary as ‘belonging to our time’, it is our very own music which in being neglected by both popular culture and traditional funded orchestras.  Musicians are encouraged to master techniques for authentic reproductions of baroque and classical repertoire, good, but there is a current generation who want to explore new sounds.  The only way to do it (especially when it come to new sounds for orchestra), is to have an orchestra willing to try.  ECME fulfils this important role for composers and performers alike.  The orchestra not only try, they succeed.  It is this reason that so many people give up their time to make it work and it is so important to our continuing musical fabric.

” I was intrigued to find out about ECME and be invited to play a concert. As a full time mature music student, only recently finding my way around contemporary material, it was a marvelous opportunity – not only to experience a high standard of quality music making in a large ensemble, but also great to premiere superb new works from living (and present!) composers. James Low directs the rehearsals and performances with absolute precision and dedication to the music, making ECME the best orchestral experience I have had since coming to Scotland.”

- Gaynor Barradell